Writings are timeless and they act as mirrors of  history. I publish writings as they remain relevant anytime.  You don’t have to be a good writer to write something. The only requirement is to write in simple terms to be understood.  I have seen a lot of good writings in the internet, in magazines and newspapers. But most writers have only one or two articles and therefore not enough material to be published as a book. And yet, many of them need to be published. So the idea of collecting all these various writings hit me.  I myself cannot come up with enough material. I decided to offer my services to publish anybody’s worth-while writings in one fairly good sized book, in paperback or pocketbook form. Their ability to publish is solved in a nutshell.

I am offering these services free of charge because of the availability of print-books-on-demand (POD) system nowadays.  I have acquired the knowledge the hard way.  I am now in a position to help publish writings of anybody. I can produce the book, but it’s not entirely free of cost on my part. I merely assume the cost.

Why put your writings in a book?  And not just in the internet? I recommend that writings be retained in a hard copy or in book form or printed form for posterity.  The book will always be there among your collections or libraries.  Not all use the internet.  The internet access has its technical problems.  Writings in the internet may be erased erroneously.  Free storage is hard to access. Paid storage may be returned or lost.

For those looking for a publisher, especially if you have a novel or many essays, I can produce the paperback book under your own authorship at no cost. I can produce art books, family tree books, family albums/pictorials, biographies, joke books, song hits books, travelogues, reunions, color or B/W, etc. My booklist can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/mj76ccq

As usual, permission are granted by the author/ authors to print their books  under my free self-publishing service. They own copyrights to their works.

Interested reader may request free reading of any of my books, articles or essays via online reading. Just email me: job_elizes@yahoo.com

My Book Catalog can be found at http://www.jobelizes6.wix.com/mysite. This catalogue will grow as years pass by because of additional titles to be published. I continue to publish or reprint books as a means to archive them in hard copy and/or digital form, for posterity.Books will never run out of copies due to the POD or Print On Demand system. Good luck!


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