Mr. President book – Hermie Rotea

I just published Mr. President book by Hermie Rotea, a close friend, consisting of collection of his columns in his website, Philpress, during the recent years. Columns are in the form of letters to President Obama. Here’s about the author and table of contents of the book.

Author Hermie Rotea is the editor and publisher of Philpress, an Internet news and views agency based in Los Angeles County, California, United States of America, that features his online column, “Mr. President”, addressed directly to President Barack Obama, in his websites and

Rotea studied journalism at the Far Eastern University in Manila and at the Newspaper Institute of America in New York City. He is author of two new books, “Egypt & U.S. Cuddling of Dictators, Revolution Behind The Barricades” which was released on February 15, 2011; and “To UN: Indict Bush & Cheney for War Crimes”, which was released in January 2011.

His two other previous books are: “Marcos’ Lovey Dovie” (1983, Los Angeles), and “I Saw Them Aim and Fire!” (1970, Manila), that landed him in the enemy blacklist of Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos, which he considered like an Olympic gold medal.

The government subjected him to legal prosecution and political persecution. He escaped to the United States just before Marcos declared martial law in 1972. But fleeing to America was like jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

His request for political asylum was buried in the dead file without action and put him in legal limbo as a man without a country for 16 long years. He challenged the INS authorities to deport him, but they demurred.

So despite his undocumented status, the author published Philippine Press in Los Angeles and continued the crusade against Dictator Marcos in his community newspaper. He became a regular member of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club.

The author continued what he did in Manila, which included writing for the Manila Times, Philippines Free Press, Chronicle Broadcasting Network, Daily Record, and published the Daily News. He was elected a director of the National Press Club that book-launched his first book.

In the U.S., he had articles published in the Ed-Op pages of the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and other news publications in the country. He wrote his second book, “Marcos’ Lovey Dovie” on Catalina Island.

To settle his immigration status once and for all, the author later dragged the INS to court. The judge ruled in his favor and granted him political asylum the hard way. He belatedly became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1994.

It turned out that America merely sheds crocodile tears for victims of pro-U.S. foreign dictators and makes a big joke out of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, at least in the author’s case at the time.

But Dictator Marcos was also a shrewd politician. He contributed $10 million to President Reagan’s reelection campaign. Emboldened, he ordered the arrest of US-exiled opposition leaders led by Senators Benigno Aquino Jr. and Raul Manglapus.

Then the tyrant lobbied with the White House for an extradition treaty between the United States and the Philippines so that they could be extradited to Manila and fed to Dictator Marcos’ lion’s den. Ironically, President Reagan approved the proposed extradition treaty, but the U.S. Congress led by Senator Edward Kennedy blocked it.

Suffice it to say, Martial Law followed the author to America. In 1983, he was indicted and tried in absentia before a military kangaroo court in Greater Manila on a trumped-up charge of rebellion to overthrow the government along with top exiled opposition leaders.

That same year Senator Aquino returned to Manila from U.S. exile for a dialogue with Marcos. But the dictator’s soldiers assassinated him right at the Manila International Airport tarmac upon his arrival, which foreign reporters accompanying him witnessed live.

The event triggered the Philippine Revolution of 1986 that overthrew Marcos and catapulted Aquino’s widow, Corazon Aquino, to the presidency in a snap election. U.S. observers caught Marcos cheating in the counting of votes. President Reagan facilitated his escape to Hawaii.

In the author’s case, the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles also instigated the filing of extortion case against him on a trumped charge, but a Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit as without merit.

Finally, the author was bombed out of his Beverly Blvd. office in Los Angeles when a bomb was mistakenly planted in his former annex office across the hall that he had just vacated to save on rent. At first the police ironically even suspected him of planting the bomb himself and subjected him to a lie-detector test. Although cleared, he felt burnt out and took a leave of absence from newspaper work after the Philippine revolution of 1986.

In his self-imposed exile from journalism the author disappeared from public sight. That prompted some sectors of the local community and Manila press to report that he had finally been killed by Marcos Gestapo agents in the United States, after eluding them for years, as they did to his fellow journalist, author and defector Primitivo Mijares.

In the author’s book in progress, “Martial Law Followed Us to America”, along with a documentary, “Exile: Ninoy Aquino’s Journey to Martyrdom”, he spotlights the exiled Philippine Liberation Movement in the United States and U.S. bad foreign policy of cuddling foreign dictators, particularly White House’s support of Marcos from President Nixon to Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan and H.W. Bush.


(1) Sarah Palin Book Going Rogue is a Declaration of War Against Her Critics and a Notice of 2012 Run – p.12

(2) Obama Must Stop U.S. Imperialistic Wars and Occupations of Foreign Nations & Neglecting America – p.14

(3) Obama Is Praised and Attacked for Winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize – p.21

(4) Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” is a Guerrilla Filmmaking at its Best – p.23

(5) Obama Tries to Corrupt Mainstream Media by Dangling Bills to Make Them Nonproft Statusp.26

(6) Congress Rebukes Rep. Wilson for Shouting the Truth at President Obama at Wrong Time and Place – p.27

(7) Facts Show That Bush, Cheney, Rice Neglected to Protect America from 9/11 Terrorist Attacks – p.30

(8) Can Washington Be Trusted to Reform a Broken System and Make Healthcare a Right for All? – p.42

(9) Is Death of Senator Edward Kennedy the End of Camelot? – p.45

(10) Obama May Be Preparing for a General Custer’s Last Stand on Healthcare “Public Option” Reform – p.47

(11) Bush, Cheney and Rice Will Be Indicted for Murder in California Related to 9/11 and Iraq War – p.51

(12) Obama Gets Over 30 Death Threats a Day That Make Him the Most Threatened U.S. President  – p.54

(13) Clinton’s Success in Freeing Two U.S. Journalists from North Korea Prison Shows Diplomacy Works – p.57

(14) Cop Calls Prof. Gates “Banana-Eating Jungle Monkey” as Obama Acts as WH Bartender-in-Chief – p.60

(15) Prof. Gates Had Right to Be Angry for Being Wrongly Suspected as Burglar in His Own Home – p.62

(16) Walter Cronkite – “The Most Trusted Man in America” – p.66

(17) As Obama Bails Out the Richest of the Rich, He Neglects to Help the Poorest of the Poor – p.69

(18) It May Be Obama Versus Palin in 2012 Presidential Election as Mainstream Media Kick Her Around – p.72

(19) Price of Oil Shoots Up, OPEC Sucks Blood Out of America and Nobody is Trying to Stop the Bleeding! – p.74

(20) Obama is Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Split

Personalities – p.76

(21) President’s Cairo Speech to Muslim World is Beautiful, But He is Wrong on Iraq and Afghanistan – p.78(22) U.S. is to Blame for North Korea’s Warlike and Crazy Staunch – p.(23) Tricky Dick Cheney Has No Business Lecturing Obama on National Security Issues – p.8

(24) Governing as President and Campaigning for President are Two Different Animals – p.85

(25) Jesse Ventura’s Book is a Portrait of Evil America – p.88

(26) Obama is a Captive of the “Invisible Government” – p.93

(27) Lawsuits Test President’s Persistence & Obamacare – p.96

(28) Broken Promises & More Lies Hurt Obama’s Credibility – p.99

(29) Despite Suicide Bombings in Pakistan, U.S. should avoid the Great Temptation of Crossing its Border in Pursuit of Al Qaeda

and/or Taliban Without Permission. – p.102

(30) Bush-Cheny – The World Must Never Forget. – p.102


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