Native Colonialism & Subjugation by Anonymous

(Thanks to my anonymous friend. This will be included in my future Writings Book series. TJ)

Why do everyone claims that the philippines was the 2nd-best country in asia after WWII after japan, using accepted social, political and economic yardsticks?  Who stunted whose growth again?  After the americans left, why didn’t the US-preserved agricultural society sell their rice to Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Norway, France, Germany?  Anyone stopped the independent filipinos from selling their rice elsewhere?

Prior to the coming of the Spaniards and the Americans, the Datus of the 7,100 islands, plundered each other’s islands for resources and slaves.  The native datu class had no love and compassion towards the slaves they captured from other islands and worked in their fields.  The datus looked down on their slaves as “other” people, the same way Tagalogs in Manila today view with contempt and derision their muslim migrants and their lower-class maids and drivers from faraway southern islands.

The filipino upper class today are living the exact same culture as the ancient prehispanic datus who derived their wealth from their lands using their captured slaves, who were not their “own” people, hence the lack of love and compassion but a feeling of contempt for the filipino lower class migrants from the faraway islands who end up picking trash in payatas.  Why should they help these poor displaced migrants?  These provinciano islanders can all go back to their own islands and kinfolks for all the ruling-class Tagalogs, Pampangos and Ilocanos in Luzon care.  

The ancient native culture is to blame, not the individuals who live today according to the way their ancestors lived, datu or slave class.  It is not PNoy’s fault if he lives like a Cojuangco, nor is it the faults of Bongbong, Jinggoy or Mikey if they live like a Marcos, Estrada or a Macapagal-Arroyo.  What else were they taught growing up but to live like the datus of ancient times, who enslaved sagigilid and namamahay captives from other islands, in their palatial homes and haciendas?

We can only progress as one united people if we are brave enough to look into the mirror and start blaming our ancient culture of datus and slaves and not the Spaniards and the Americans.  Our great-great-great grandchildren blaming the Spaniards and the Americans for their problems hundreds of years from now is not going to change their deeply-ingrained ancient datu-slave culture either.

Just one man’s opinion which does not affect the price of tea in china.  Take it or leave it, I really do not care – no skin off my teeth, no shirt off my back – I’m on Social Security and Medicare till I die.


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